Things you don’t know about Golf Clash

Things you don’t know about Golf Clash

Golf Clash is an arcade genre game with such cool graphics and gameplay. This game is developed by Playdemic Ltd. This is a free to play the game and is available on Android and iOS stores. You can play this game with your friends by connecting your Facebook account with this game. This game is a lot more dynamic and easy to master. Although mastering this game needs a lot more efforts and one can’t master this in some days.

There are many things that you didn’t know about this game. These things can help you master this game easily. So we’ve come with few things that you didn’t know about this game and can be very helpful. So let’s get started-

Watch ads to earn a lot of Coins

This takes a lot of patience to sit still and watch ads but this can help you a lot. Earning free coins can help a lot by trying Golf Clash Hack when you’ve just started. This trick can do a lot of help if you’re a newbie. These advertisements are not that long and even we can do it as it is for free and you can do it whenever you want to earn free coins.

Mull over Spin and Slice

You should always aim for a perfect shot and there should be nothing to worry about. This is a rare chance so you have to work on it to be successful. There is a number of factors that can affect your shot. Once you’ve made a shot and the needle is just close to the bull’s eye, you can still make it a perfect shot by aiming your ball accordingly. So that to place the ball nears the hole.

Take part in Tours

Take part in tours whenever possible as these tours will give you a lot of coins as a secondary fund. Once you’re done upgrading your gears and you have enough money to take part in these tours. Go out and participate in such tours. If you’ve just started then don’t go for high level as these tours will cost you more coins and it will be difficult to win there.

Try participating in first two tours as these are much easier and requires a less amount of coins. These tours require basic equipment and you’ll find more players like you who have just started playing. Take advantages of seasonal tours that come on holidays as these tours are offering better awards and require fewer coins to participate.

Go for Chests

Unlocking a chest can take a long time and you should be patient enough to wait. There are several types of chests available in the game. You can open these as per your needs. As If you are online more often then I would suggest you open short timer chests and if you’re offline most of the times then I would suggest you open long timer Chests by queuing them up.

These chests can be helpful when it comes to upgrading or buying gears. These chests contain tickets for certain balls and clubs. Keep an eye on these tickets and use them to upgrade your Club or Balls. And you need to prioritize the best way of doing the upgrades as these will costs higher when you are on a higher level.

Bottom Line

Golf Clash is one the best games available on the market. This can give you a lot of a hard time if you’re a newbie to this game. If you’re going through such hassles, then all you have to do is to follow these steps mentioned above and be the best player in the world.



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