Quality Tips And Tricks To Gain Success In Episode Choose Your Story

Episode Choose Your Story is the best simulation game available for the mobile users. It is created freely by episode Interactive studio. You have the option to use the in-app purchase feature in needy times to buy the specific items. Here you can meet with many types of interesting stories such as love, romance, adventure and more. The game allows the users to create your own story to earn the points. If you make the best story, then the game gives you extra points for it.

It is a simple and easy game, but in the case to learn the basics things players should use the tutorials videos. Here I am giving you essential information about the Episode Choose Your Story.

Tips for becoming the best

  • Create the best avatar and spend more time to select the best outfit.
  • You should make the relationship with your favorite character increase the interest level.
  • Choose the best story for your game and try to make them more interesting.
  • You can also have the power to change the color and shape of the face as per your choice.
  • It is better for the players to give more effort on the starting and ending.

It is the best place where you can read a lot of interesting stories. Always try to write a story by yourself to earn the more coin.


It is the main part of the game, but you have to give more effort to make a better story. It is a good source to earn the points in it and game publishes your stories, if you get the more likes, then it is best of your earning. There are many things available in the game, which you can use for the story.

  • Try to make a perfect character and add the best dialogues. Make sure that dialogues are suitable for your character or not. Try to use these dialogues on right lips moments. Remind that the better thing gives you a better amount of points.
  • Set the correct timing of your character and shop their dialogues when their role ends. It is better to add more lines because people like to hear more dialogues while playing it.
  • Always take care of the starting and ending point of your story. It is must to have the impressive storyline to earn the points so by getting Episode Cheats.


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