Avakin Life is the world’s number one trending game nowadays. It is available for both IOS and Android users at free of cost on various websites. The main task in the game is to make your character and customize it according to your choice. Users have to design the character properly to go far in the game. The game contains lots of different avatars and general items. In it, the gamers chance the choice to perform some activities like fall in love, make new friends and lots of other tasks.

There are various things that a player should know. Following are some important features and facts about the game –

Create your Avatar

It is the primary task of the game as the users must make an avatar properly to lead the game. It is an important task in the game to make a perfect avatar as it plays a very important role in the game. Gamers have to make the character more attractive and really looking to give competition to other players. Users have to choose the suitable items for their characters.

 Share and Join with Facebook

Users have to connect the game to Facebook and show their skills and abilities all over the world. By connecting the game to Facebook, it helps the users to earn enough amount of in-game currency. It also helps us to share your views and avatar publically. It is the best way to earn gems and avacoins. Another method to earn coins is by sharing and inviting your friends with the help of Facebook. The amount that is earned through this method is low, but it is efficient to buy some general items.

Use the time and currency wisely

The main method to lead the game is to make proper use of time and currency. It is very important for the users to spend the in-game currency only on most important things or by using Avakin Life Hack. In the game, there is another main thing which the user must apply, i.e., timing. The more and more you play the game with proper timing, the more your chances to win are increases.

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Episode Choose Your Story is the best simulation game available for the mobile users. It is created freely by episode Interactive studio. You have the option to use the in-app purchase feature in needy times to buy the specific items. Here you can meet with many types of interesting stories such as love, romance, adventure and more. The game allows the users to create your own story to earn the points. If you make the best story, then the game gives you extra points for it.

It is a simple and easy game, but in the case to learn the basics things players should use the tutorials videos. Here I am giving you essential information about the Episode Choose Your Story.

Tips for becoming the best

  • Create the best avatar and spend more time to select the best outfit.
  • You should make the relationship with your favorite character increase the interest level.
  • Choose the best story for your game and try to make them more interesting.
  • You can also have the power to change the color and shape of the face as per your choice.
  • It is better for the players to give more effort on the starting and ending.

It is the best place where you can read a lot of interesting stories. Always try to write a story by yourself to earn the more coin.


It is the main part of the game, but you have to give more effort to make a better story. It is a good source to earn the points in it and game publishes your stories, if you get the more likes, then it is best of your earning. There are many things available in the game, which you can use for the story.

  • Try to make a perfect character and add the best dialogues. Make sure that dialogues are suitable for your character or not. Try to use these dialogues on right lips moments. Remind that the better thing gives you a better amount of points.
  • Set the correct timing of your character and shop their dialogues when their role ends. It is better to add more lines because people like to hear more dialogues while playing it.
  • Always take care of the starting and ending point of your story. It is must to have the impressive storyline to earn the points so by getting Episode Cheats.


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Marvel Future Fight – Information For Beginners!

Marvel Future Fight is an online game that you can download from the Google play store as well as apple app store. In this role-playing game, you have to play the role of a character and also to build up a team of heroes in order to play the battles. It is important for the beginners to learn about the heroes and also the skills that they have. After this, it becomes easy to choose the strong heroes while building up a team. You can also upgrade the heroes to improve their skills and performance you can read more about it.

With Future Fight Cheats you can win the battles and also get unlimited resources and currencies. It is important for the beginners to learn the pure basics of the game in order to get started. They should also check out the beneficial features of the game in order to learn all about the game.

Complete the tutorial

At the initial stages of the game, you can face issues while playing the game. You can also take assistance from the tutorial in order to learn the art of playing the game. With the help of the tutorial, you can come to know the techniques and also the different strategies that you should make to play. It can also give you an idea about the real gameplay that will definitely help you to play the game in an efficient manner. Most of the beginners are completing tutorial to learn everything about the game controls.

 Spend the currency wisely

There are many currencies present in the game that can be earned in numerous ways. The currencies of this game are named as energy and crystals. It is important to earn these currencies so you can play the game without having issues. Most of the players are struggling with different complications while playing the game due to the shortage of currencies. In this situation, they can buy in-game currencies by spending their real life money. With the help of spending in-game currencies, players can upgrade their heroes and their skills in the game. It is important to spend the currency wisely in the game in order to improvise the game.

Hope, the above-given information can help out the beginners to make progress in the game. By following the tips, they can easily earn enough resources and also get success in becoming the best players.

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Key factors related to the Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle

The Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle is played by the individuals of different age groups, you can watch in reddit. It is a part of a famous game series which is Dragon Ball. The complete series is designed on the basis of a popular TV show Dragon Ball. The game is published by the Bandai Namco Entertainment. The individuals are able to play on Android and iOS smartphone platforms. The players can enjoy the single-player battles in the game. There are numerous other things available in it. These things make it a good question. The upcoming details are based on these specific things.

Spend currency carefully

The currency is playing a crucial role in the game. In case the players do not have required amount of funds then they are not able to perform some basic activities. The most important thing which is based on the use of currency is related to the upgrade of characters. Currency is the only source which can help you in improving the character’s skills by upgrading them. If you want to get beneficial results then you should try to save its amount with Dokkan Battle Hack. You need to spend currency only for essentials and on high requirements.

Additional items

In the game, you can see lots of additional items. These items are beneficial in several ways. The use of these things can help you in maintaining a good condition of characters during the battle. As a result, the players are able to maintain domination on the opponents. The most important additional items are the capsules. The capsules are available in different types of colors. All colors are representing a different activity or thing. If we talk about the blue capsule then it can be used for providing proper support to the characters.

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Things you don’t know about Golf Clash

Golf Clash is an arcade genre game with such cool graphics and gameplay. This game is developed by Playdemic Ltd. This is a free to play the game and is available on Android and iOS stores. You can play this game with your friends by connecting your Facebook account with this game. This game is a lot more dynamic and easy to master. Although mastering this game needs a lot more efforts and one can’t master this in some days.

There are many things that you didn’t know about this game. These things can help you master this game easily. So we’ve come with few things that you didn’t know about this game and can be very helpful. So let’s get started-

Watch ads to earn a lot of Coins

This takes a lot of patience to sit still and watch ads but this can help you a lot. Earning free coins can help a lot by trying Golf Clash Hack when you’ve just started. This trick can do a lot of help if you’re a newbie. These advertisements are not that long and even we can do it as it is for free and you can do it whenever you want to earn free coins.

Mull over Spin and Slice

You should always aim for a perfect shot and there should be nothing to worry about. This is a rare chance so you have to work on it to be successful. There is a number of factors that can affect your shot. Once you’ve made a shot and the needle is just close to the bull’s eye, you can still make it a perfect shot by aiming your ball accordingly. So that to place the ball nears the hole.

Take part in Tours

Take part in tours whenever possible as these tours will give you a lot of coins as a secondary fund. Once you’re done upgrading your gears and you have enough money to take part in these tours. Go out and participate in such tours. If you’ve just started then don’t go for high level as these tours will cost you more coins and it will be difficult to win there.

Try participating in first two tours as these are much easier and requires a less amount of coins. These tours require basic equipment and you’ll find more players like you who have just started playing. Take advantages of seasonal tours that come on holidays as these tours are offering better awards and require fewer coins to participate.

Go for Chests

Unlocking a chest can take a long time and you should be patient enough to wait. There are several types of chests available in the game. You can open these as per your needs. As If you are online more often then I would suggest you open short timer chests and if you’re offline most of the times then I would suggest you open long timer Chests by queuing them up.

These chests can be helpful when it comes to upgrading or buying gears. These chests contain tickets for certain balls and clubs. Keep an eye on these tickets and use them to upgrade your Club or Balls. And you need to prioritize the best way of doing the upgrades as these will costs higher when you are on a higher level.

Bottom Line

Golf Clash is one the best games available on the market. This can give you a lot of a hard time if you’re a newbie to this game. If you’re going through such hassles, then all you have to do is to follow these steps mentioned above and be the best player in the world.



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It’s all about the Legacy of Discords

If you’re much of a fan of RPG games and you want to combine your favorite genres in a single game then this game is made for you. The legacy of Discords is an Action Role-playing game where you’ve to be playing the role of a fighter. Loot people hunt everything and attack in the dungeons in order to win this game. You’re your own hero in this game and you’ve to fight people and learn great moves in order to be the best player.

Developed by GT arcade, this game is a full pack of entertainment and you can play this game on your android mobile phone and you can play this game anywhere with a stable internet connection. Available on Android and iOS both platforms add more awesomeness to this game and you can even connect your Facebook account in order to let you save your progress.

There are many things that you should know before playing this game. Here we’ve collected everything that you should know before getting started into Legacy of discord. Let’s get started –


Guild in this game is same as a group. You will come across different players in your guild and there are lots of them. You shouldn’t be joining an inactive guild and try always to join an active guild with some cool and perfect members. The most important thing about this game yet is to join a guild and you can imagine how important it is to join one.

A better guild can help you increase your chances of winning some good rewards, items and BR stats. Joining a guild will also increase your chances to win some new fuse metal equipment. So always try to join a better guild and you’ll go a long way up to the top.


Skills are powerful and best equipment that everyone has. It doesn’t depend on whether you’re in real life or reel life, Talent or skills are one of the main things that tell a person’s personality. You can play this game much easier once you’ve upgraded many skills in legacy of discords.

Skill is what makes you a true hero and you have to work on upgrading them every time by earning a lot of gold and diamonds. You can manage your skills in Talent tabs available in the personal customization. If you’ve upgraded much and you’re having better skills now then you’ll earn more BR stats points.


Currency is the main thing that is available in almost every game. There are 2 currencies given by developers. These 2 currencies are Gold and Diamond and you can earn them while being in-game. You can also buy them using real money and you’ll end up getting as much as you need. Gold is much easier to earn whereas Diamond will give you a hard time earning them but you can using Legacy Of Discord Cheats.

Gold – These are the primary currency that can be used everywhere in the game. You can earn them by completing new missions and levels.

Diamond – This is the main currency and is the premium currency of this game. You can convert these diamonds into gold and you can even use these to buy new equipment and much more. Try using these currencies as much as you can in order to upgrade your gears and this will take you a long way up to the top.

So what’s the final verdict?

There are many ARPG games as well in the android market but this game is a full pack of entertainment. This game comes in so handy with such amazing graphics and super cool gameplay. I hope you like this guide.



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Winning tips for the Homescapes

Do you love to play puzzle games? Well, for this you must try to play the Homescapes game. There is no end of entertainment and everything about it is mind-blowing. You can easily spend some hours in it and also sharpen your brain through solving the puzzles.

The gaming concept is unique where you have to collect different types of items in order to renovate a house. In order to collect such items that player is expected to spend the gaming currency. Coins are the most important form the gaming currency and you can earn them through the various puzzle games or with Homescapes Hack.

Special things about Homescapes

There are hardly any other games available on the internet where you can get the great combination of the great activities like Homescapes. You can give new wings to the creativity by taking an active part in the various house renovation activities. In the puzzle, you will be able to play match-3 puzzles.

It is a fun activity and there are mind-blowing actions which are attached to it. In order to fasten the process of growth, you can use many unique features and options in it, visit in wikipedia. There is no doubt that graphics, sounds, and animations are also given with the unique qualities.

Tips for the winners

There is no fun of playing a game which you cannot win. Homescapes is also a kind of game where you can do many things to win fast. But you must know that there is no shortcut for that. However, getting success will be very easy with the help of some unique tips and tricks.

Know about booster

You should know that in order to renovate the house you are expected to win in the match-3 puzzle games. In order to gain the significant growth, you should work hard and try to cross them as soon as possible.

You should watch the tutorial and know more about the boosters. There are some great boosters like rockets, bombs and paper planes. They are also very important and you can use them to fasten the growth rate.

Collection of wealth

Try to save your moves in the match-3 puzzles. They can be converted into coins and many times you will also get boosters as rewards of this. You should also try to find out the other method of getting rich in the virtual world of Homescapes.

These are some of the great tips that you can follow quickly in the Homescapes and get the desired level of success in it.


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